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Choose your favourite Birthday Notice border below and then call 1300 136 181 to place your personalised notice in your local classifieds.

Don't forget to ask for a 6x2 to receive your free personalised card.

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday1_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday2_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday3_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday4_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday5_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday6_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday7_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBday8_C

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Pick your favorite boarder above and call your local classifieds on 1300 136 181

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