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When you place a 6x2 or larger Birth notice in your local classifieds you will receive a personalised birthday card absolutely free. The birth card features the baby boy or girl’s name on the cover and a copy of the notice inside for them to keep and enjoy forever. Click here to view our gallery of Birth Notice boarders.

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby9_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby10_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby11_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby12_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby13_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby14_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby15_C

Code: BRD_6x2_SpecBaby16_C

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