OWNERS say the Black Duck Valley off-road park's roller-coaster ride is over because of a lack of insurance options.

Members of the Diete family who have operated the popular motocross track and 4WD playground for more than 20 years say a damaging coronial inquest earlier this year had scared off potential financial supporters.

“Our insurance company gave us notice last Thursday and we were given three days to find another company,” Cameron Diete said.

“And as of 4pm Monday, we are now closed,” the 32-year-old track builder said.

Mr Diete said it had been devastating news for his family and that the park would now likely be split into several portions and sold off.

He said the only chance of a return was for the public to pressure for government funding.

In May this year, an inquest was held into three recent deaths at Black Duck Valley.

State Coroner Michael Barnes said more lives could be expected to be lost under the then current management practices.

“We've probably lost millions, but we've picked our lives up once before ... we'll do it again,” Mr Diete said.