ALMOST 150 years of Toowoomba Hospital history came to town yesterday in the form of Woodford woman Judith Laws.

Mrs Laws is the great-granddaughter of Dr Frederick Otto Sachse, the first paid medical officer in Toowoomba who started at the original Russell Street Hospital in 1861.

Mrs Laws and her family were shown around the Toowoomba Hospital medical museum by historian Dr Patrick Murray who was delighted to welcome the relatives of one of Toowoomba’s most influential doctors.

“I was presenting a lecture on Toowoomba medical history 35 years ago when the subject of Dr Sachse’s medical qualifications came up,” Dr Murray said.

“A stranger stood up from the back of the audience and said ‘I have a copy of his qualifications’! That woman was Judith, who has since donated his medical certificates to the medical museum.

“Mrs Laws disappeared to the coast shortly afterwards, but I’m glad I was able to find her again.”

Mrs Laws said she hadn’t been to the hospital in more than 15 years, but was happy to be there.

“When my family was growing up in Gatton, my father would take us to the Toowoomba Hospital now and then,” Mrs Laws said.

“We would go into the reception where there was a big picture of Dr Sachse. He would point him out and say ‘that was your great-grandfather’.

“I haven’t been to Toowoomba Hospital in so long. It’s good to be back.”

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