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Shiatsu, is a holistic preventative form of therapy aptly described as Japanese Acupressure, while incorporating the principles of anatomy, physiology, and pathology, it is based on theoretical Oriental Medical wisdom, practiced over 3,500 years. The purpose is to balance the Ki (QI) system in the body. Ki is the subtle electro-magnetic system which flows throughout the body and indeed everything, trees, plants, animals, even the earth.

A dynamic body therapy, Shiatsu is practiced fully clothed on a futon on the floor (or a table for the infirm or elderly). Thumbs, hands, fingers, and elbows & feet apply gentle or firm pressure to Tsubo combination points & Meridians according to the reading & diagnosis by the therapist. Each Meridian is connected to our organs and every function is intimately related to them. Incorrect lifestyle, emotional stress, or external pathogens creates an imbalance in the body Ki which manifests as illness. Shiatsu uses various methods of diagnosis such as dialogue, pulse, tongue, visual perceptions and Hara (stomach) palpation, to identify and eliminate Ki energy imbalances. It does this by identifying the kyo and Jitsu imbalances and using the Oriental Five Element philosophy to harmonize mind and body, in order to maintain homeostasis.

Ki (CHI /Qi) energy flows through the body in defined channels called Meridians in Chinese Medicine theory. Connected to and functioning under the Meridians are the Organs of the body. The health of the Body/Mind is reliant on the harmonious and balanced flow of Ki through the Meridians and the Organs of the body.

Jitsu (excess) or Kyo (deficiency) in Ki can manifest as illness in the body/Mind. The practitioner interacts & assists the receiver with their own self development & self-healing, by balancing the underlying causes of a condition. Health is maintained by addressing the physical & psychological functions of a condition, and is balanced through Yin/Yang principles of Meridian Ki therapy, thus encouraging the body’s own healing ability.

Gentle & non-invasive, it can assist by improving libido, stamina, and vitality. It strengthens the immune system, eliminates stress, calms the nervous system, stabilizes psychological & emotional conditions, it can relieve allergies, headaches, sciatica & frozen shoulder, creates body awareness, improves digestion & circulation, back, shoulder & neck pain, & migraines.


Many styles of Shiatsu

The use of flowing stretches and gentle rotations of limbs and joints, and muscle release techniques, may be included in the treatment. Maintaining health and balance can be reinforced by recommendations, regarding diet, yoga , meditation, and exercise such as Qi gong, or Makka Ho stretches, as part of the holistic treatment regime.

Classical Shiatsu

(Namikoshi) Most common in Japan. It was developed in the 1920’s and excluded the Meridian theories in order to get Shiatsu legally recognized in Japan by appealing to western medical theories. It requires a knowledge of the muscular skeletal system, the nervous system & emphasis on neuro muscular points.

Zen Shiatsu

(Shizuto Masunaga 1925 –1981) Masunaga studied psychology, then Shiatsu under Namikoshi. While maintaining his position as professor of Tokyo University, he also taught at the Namikoshi’s Japan Shiatsu School. He researched the ancient roots of the art and founded his own school, Lokai Shiatsu Center (Tokyo). He uses the Meridian system extensively & the principles of Kyo/Jitsu (Ki depletion or excess), Yin Yang & knowledge of the Tongue, Hara & Pulse diagnosis, to correct the imbalances of Ki flow. Zen Shiatsu has been properly reunited with it ancient Chinese heritage. It also includes western physiology, anatomy, pathology & psychology.

Barefoot Shiatsu

(Shizuko Yamamoto)

Meridian Therapy (Yanagiya Sorei)

Jin Shin Do

& Sotai, are just some different Shiatsu styles


Ki, the Breath of Life is immanent in all nature.

Origin -

Amna, an ancient healing massage, using finger tapping and pressure was used in Japan and is a naturistic belief system, which recognizes Oneness with all nature whatsoever. When the 3,200 year old Chinese Medicine arrived in the early fifth century, it was incorporated into Amna. The term Shiatsu was only coined at the beginning of the last century, when only classical shiatsu was permitted to be practiced by the invading American troops under General MacArthur. We owe the survival of Meridian & Traditional knowledge to a handful of dedicated practitioners in Japan.




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